Sunday, August 17, 2014

#MTBoSChallenge - Sunday Summary

Welcome to the #MTBoSChallenge!  This weekly blogging challenge was created when participants of the #July2014Challenge decided they wanted something to challenge them to post on a weekly basis.

Each week there are two options:
  • On Saturday, you can choose to blog on a weekly prompt.  This week's prompt asks about your lesson plans for the first five days of school.  Go check out the awesome and amazing posts submitted this week at Middle School Math Rules.  No worries if you didn't blog yesterday, you can still submit your post using the linky at the bottom of her post.
  • On Sundays, you can choose to blog a Sunday Summary of your week.  The idea for the Summary is to provide you a way to reflect on the past week and share what you are looking forward to this coming week.
Feel free to choose either option (or BOTH!), add it to the linky on the host page and don't forget to tweet it with the hashtag #MTBoSChallenge as well!

Now on to my post for the day...

My Sunday 3-2-1 Summary

3 things that happened this week:
  • I went back to school!  Well, honestly, I don't know that I ever left this summer.  :)  But we officially reported back on Wednesday and even my principal joked in the faculty meeting that he had asked his administrative assistant if I had been changed to a 12 month contract because I had been up there all summer.  It was so good to see all of my friends that I hadn't seen since early June. 
  • My classroom is 98% complete!  I still have some organizing to do, especially with filing AVID documentation, but I'm almost ready for students!  If you want to see pics of my room, check out this post.
  • Literacy Training!  We had a PD session this week on Literacy and one of my personal take-aways is the difference in "Math Literacy" and "Literacy in Math".  I can't wait to integrate more literacy strategies in my classroom this year.  This tied in perfectly with some of the strategies from #EduRead this year.

2 things I'm nervous about this year:
  • Chromebooks!  My school is going 1:1 this year with Chromebooks.  I'm pretty excited about it, but I'm nervous too.  I want to make sure that I'm implementing them effectively.  I have some ideas about StatKey, Google Forms, etc but having ideas in my head vs actual implementation scares me a bit. 
  • Making Thinking Visible!  One of my goals this year is really going to focus on active learning, making thinking visible, and formative assessment.  I want to make sure I am "WICOR-izing" my classroom completely by integrating Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading.  I already have some awesome lesson plans started, but I worry that with the stress of the year, I will fall into old habits.  I will be leaning heavily on my accountability group to keep me focused this year.

1 thing I'm looking forward to this week:
  • My students arriving on Tuesday!  I love back to school... new supplies, new beginnings, a chance to start over.  I already know several of my students this year because I had them in Algebra 2, so I'm really excited to see them on Tuesday!

What is YOUR Sunday Summary?  Add it to the linky below!

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    Meg said...

    I am totally jealous of your 1:1 chromebooks...just think of what you could do with just having desmos available!

    Oh, man, and google forms on the fly...

    Totally, totally jealous.