Thursday, August 7, 2014

Teacher Binder for 2014-15

I've finally finished my binder for this year! :)

I decided to go with a Mead 5-star NoteBinder for binding instead of taking it to Staples for custom spiral binding.  The main reason is that I use binder for my agenda and for my gradebook.

When you first open the binder, you see the cover page...

I did laminate the cover and dividers.  :)  Love my laminator!

On the back of the cover sheet are my to-do lists.  These are designed for 3x3" post-it notes.

After that are my calendar pages.  Each monthly calendar has a page for notes, etc.  After the monthly page are the weekly pages for my lesson plans, weekly notes, and jot space.  Prior to the August 2014 calendar is a copy of my school calendar for this school year and after the July 2015 calendar is a copy of the 15-16 school year calendar for my school.

After the calendar are divers for my Gradebook and Meeting notes.

If you would like a copy of my file, you can download it here.  Please note that it is in Powerpoint, so you will need to download it to your computer to make changes for your situation.  The font I used is "Shadows Into Light".

What all do you put into your teacher binder?

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