Saturday, July 19, 2014

July Blogging Challenge - Bulletin Boards

This is a short post because hubby and I are headed to school to work on setting things up for TMC! 

But... before I go, this tweet from @pamjwilson keeps floating in my head:

A few nights ago, Pam and I were visiting about her classroom.  I've never taught in a school where teachers were allowed to paint their classrooms, so Pam showed me her room with its buttery yellow wall color.  During that discussion, we moved to the wall/display space in her room, which lead to the above tweet.

My Dilemma
In my classroom, I have a bulletin board that remained empty all year long.  You can see it below:

Here are my issues with this board...
  • I only have one available bulletin board, but last year I taught 3 preps, so I didn't want to do an emphasis on one prep and leave the others out.  This year, I only have 1 prep for the first semester, so it can be something statistically related.
  • I need something sustainable.  If I have to change it out weekly, it won't happen unless I have the entire year already mapped out where my aide can change it.  I have too many irons in the fire and know that I won't keep up with it.
  • To steal Pam's words, I want to "utilize it to impact learning". 
Please help me!  What do you have on your bulletin boards? I really don't want to go another year with a blank board!

July Challenge
I am on a personal challenge to blog every day in July, just to see if I can do it. I would love to have you join me! If you are worried that you've missed a few days, please don't stress.. just jump on in! Maybe a month is too much, that's okay, try it for a week, or every other day, or once a week.. whatever works for you!

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Add your blog in the comments if you would like to join in! :)


Algebra's Friend said...

An aide?!? Wow! Anyway - I did a vocabulary wall last year - was helpful to some students. Changed the words each unit. That was my only "interactive" wall.

I plan to start the year with a growth mindset bulletin board ... words, stories, pictures!

Unknown said...

I use my bulletin board to handle extra papers for absent students. I have a folder for each day of the the week. When I finish teaching on Monday take out the papers that were in there and put in any left overs from that day. When kids come on Tuesday they check the Monday folder.

Sarah Koves said...

I did college information and ACT test info for my students.

Anonymous said...

I have accountable talk bulletin board. It has sentence starters that I want my students to use when they have discussions with their peers. It is in the back of my room so it reminds me to use the accountable talk with my students as well.

Susan G said...

A former collab idea came up with an idea she called, "The Fridge." (Think of mom's fridge with their kids accomplishments.) Anytime a student's test grade was over 90%, I would highlight their test grade before passing the test back. Any highlighted tests can be posted to The Fridge by the kid. In posting, they were not allowed to cover up another person's name and score. And you can take the tests down to be sent home either after the next test or at the next quarter... I'm not rigid on that. Just when I realize it's full and needs to be emptied. Also, all courses can be involved.

Brooke Seals said...

Okay So this may be lame but what about a formula reference board for your stats students. Once they learn it, you put it up on the board for them to reference it.