Sunday, August 16, 2015

#MTBoSBlaugust - Day 16 - Sunday Summary

My Sunday 3-2-1 Summary

3 awesome things that happened this past week:

  • Our Staff Meeting on Friday was "EdCamp" style and I loved it!  Our principals gave us a reflection paper to keep track of ideas as well as asking each session to have a "scribe" to record the main ideas.  I really got a lot out of it!
  • I had an opportunity to spend time this weekend with my mom, which was a lot of fun.  We did some shopping, had dinner, then went to a "singing".  Lots of laughs and good memories :)
  • The weather this week was *gorgeous*, which means I had the opportunity to sit outside and read.  I got a tad bit sunburnt, but at least I have color on my legs now! :)

2 things that I keep telling myself:

  • For some reason, I'm not as pumped about this year as I normally am.  I think part of it is that I actually took the month of July off, which hasn't happened in about 5 years.  I keep telling myself that it's okay to not be 100% ready yet.. the kids don't come until Wednesday! :)
  • I've been batting around the "Daily High 5" from Glenn (@gwaddellnvhs) for a few weeks.  Several Tweeps (Meg, Elissa, etc) have tried to encourage me, but I've been resistant.  I'm such an introverted person that this idea really scares me.  Then I had a realization this week that I ask my students to do all sorts of activities (Jigsaw, Give One/Get One, etc) that would have driven me crazy as a student, but I am able to pull it off through lots of faking. :)  I keep telling myself that the high 5 will be the same and that I can fake it until it becomes part of the culture of my class.  Based on Glenn's reports, it can really transform a classroom and that's what I really want.  

1 thing I'm looking forward to this week:

  • This year, I've taken back on an AVID elective class.  I will have the seniors and I'm really excited about working with them.  It's been several years since I've had an elective class, so I'm nervous (like REALLY nervous), but I'm looking forward to it!


John Jones said...

What is a Daily High 5?

Amy Gruen said...

I just wanted to tell you that I am super introverted as well and that I was terrified to start, but now I LOVE the daily high fives. How did I find the courage to get started? I asked my colleagues to join me. We became the "high-five hallway", so it felt less awkward. I'm not going back. That said, it is also okay to not do something if it doesn't fit your style. I give you permission! Hope your year is off to a great start!