Thursday, August 27, 2015

#MTBoSBlaugust - Day 27 - Table Folders

A few years ago, there was a Made4Math post on student table folders.  I really loved the idea, rushed out to buy folders, and then really didn't follow through with them.

Then, last year, I decided to use my folders for sub days and I really loved the simple organization, so I decided to make an effort to use them this year.  I spent a lot of time running around my classroom passing out papers and it was wearing me out.  Here's an example of my Table Folders from today:

Each day, I put that days handouts in the folder and return any papers from the previous day.  In the photo above, the left pocket holds a handout of notes and yesterday's exit ticket.  The right folder holds two problem sets (today was a block day), one problem set was for mid-block, the other problem set was for homework.  The cardstock at the top are their name tents until I learn names well. :)

So far, I really love the table folders, although it does put pressure on me to stay organized and on top of the paperwork. :)


KCSunshine said...

Love this idea. I feel overwhelmed with materials and this will cut down on all my piles of handouts! Do you also hand back graded student work in the folders?

KCSunshine said...

Just thought of one more question. How did you make those nice labels?

Anna Blinstein said...

Nice! Glad to hear they're working for you. We're doing everything electronically now, but I actually really appreciated how this system put pressure on me to keep up with grading.