Monday, August 3, 2015

#MTBoSBlaugust - Day 3 - To Do Lists

Can I just say that I love to-do lists?  I mean, like big puffy-heart loves!  My day never feels right until I have a to-do list going!

While I'm definitely one of those girls that can write a to-do list on anything.. tiny post it note, scrap of paper, back of a business card... I really like pretty to-do lists.  I usually find cute ones at the Target Dollar Spot, but I've been pretty sad at this year's selection and haven't purchased much at all in my beloved Dollar Spot!

But... I am totally loving my new ARC binder system and thought to myself... "Self, you could totally make a to-do list that matches your beautiful new teacher binder!!!"

(Full disclosure.. I tried to find a cute one on pinterest first, but no go :(

Anyway, here is the result of about 30 minutes of work this morning:

Isn't it just the cutest???  I made it two to a page, then punched it with my ARC punch and I'm good to go!

If you would like a copy, click here... you'll need the font Shadows Into Light as well

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tothemathlimit said...

I have ended up going whole hog into the Arc system, and it's all your fault! My current dilemma is that the 1" discs are just a little bigger than I really want, so I'm spending $17 to get 1/2" rings. Grr!! (But my notebook is very pretty.)