Thursday, August 6, 2015

#MTBoSBlaugust - Day 6 - My Yearly Mantra

Prompt #19 from the mega-list of prompts says:  What is your focus/theme/mantra for the year and why? Create and share a notecard for your desk as a reminder.

Every year, I really spend a lot of time thinking about my teaching mantra for the year.  Two years ago, it was "It's not supposed to be easy, it's supposed to be worth it."  Last year, it was "The best way to learn is to do, the worst way to teach is to talk."  I love my yearly mantra because it gives me focus for the year and I need all of the focus I can get!  I knew that I really wanted to work on better relationships this year, so I narrowed down my choices and ended up with two strong contenders:

 First off, I totally love (with puffy heart loves) the leopard background! :)  However, both of these quotes really resonate with me as a teacher, so it was really difficult to decide on which one would be the final choice.  

But, after lots of thinking, here's the winner:

I love having my yearly mantra where I have to see it multiple times a day!  

The thing that really tipped the scale was that I have felt very convicted personally this summer to try to "Be the Change" by showing love and serving others in their time of need.  I want to work on building better relationships with my students, colleagues, and administrators.  I want to remember that every journey begins with a single step and that the Butterfly Effect is real and that I have the power to create great change by taking one small step each day towards making my classroom a place of positive energy and self-affirmation.

What is your mantra for the year?


Unknown said...

Great mantra. Both quotes are terrific, but this one feels more open ended to me. As math teachers we know more open is usually the best way to go. Plus it's one of the two quotes on my fridge! :) @meg2e

Lynn Adsit said...

I love this idea! I usually write mine in a "beginning of the year " folder, but then it gets put way after September cuz I need more room on my desk. Now that I have my own laminator, I'm definitely committing to do this! We still have 4 weeks till school starts, so I have some reflection time to choose a perfect mantra for this year.