Friday, August 7, 2015

#MTBoSBlaugust - Day 7 - My Favorite Friday

I had so many moments this week that would definitely qualify for a "My Favorite".  From a birthday party at church (complete with a ladybug cake!) to a great time tonight with a dear friend, it was definitely tough to determine a "My Favorite" for this week! 

This week has been busy with setting up my room and preparing for kids in 1.5 weeks.  (EEEK!)  Definitely one of my favorite classroom supplies and one that I could *not* do without is my trusty little laminator!  I have a slightly larger one at home, but the one I have at school is an Amazon Basics and I even purchased one as a graduation gift for my student teacher last year. 

As for all of the words... well, that will have to wait until next week's "Show Off Your Classroom" post! :)


Beth Ferguson said...

I've been working on posters at home - but haven't been to school yet! I look forward to seeing your room! It always inspires! Enjoying your #mtbosblaugust posts!

Sarah Hagan said...

You are such a tease. :) I'm excited to see your completed classroom, though!